As you are aware there has been a lot of talk regarding social distancing to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing the impact it has on our community. Therefore, a decision has been made to suspend all Autumn 2020 Competition matches for a minimum of 4 weeks commencing from mid-night 17 Mar 2020.

Doing everything we can to help keep all our squashies and their respective families safe and healthy has been paramount in this decision.

Does this mean you can’t come and play squash anymore? Absolutely not. If you wish to have a social hit with someone just observe the following new recommendations:

  1. If you’re sick or unwell consider if you should stay at home to contain any spread of illness – squash can wait a week.
  2. Increase the use of hand sanitiser at home or out and about. It would be great if centres/clubs can increase the distribution of sanitiser or wipes.
  3. Ensure basic hygiene around washing hands
  4. On the court – do not shake hands, use another form of acknowledgement e.g. foot tap.
  5. Do not share racquets or towels.
  6. Sanitise the ball between matches and your own hands between matches after touching the ball.
  7. Centres should ensure bathroom facilities are cleaned more regularly and that court door handles are sanitised regularly.

We will be holding another meeting within the next few days to discuss further questions around the current competition. We ask for your understanding and patience during this period and know that Squash Illawarra is actively monitoring the situation as it is rapidly evolving.

As soon as we have any further updates or information this will be distributed ASAP.